~ Spend the day with Carrie in her home ~ 
Ready to put down the old way you've been doing things and embrace a new way with new results?

Did you struggle with unpredictable cash flow?
Did you feel a bit scattered with hustle & burnout?

Are you determined that 2020 will be different?

From the desk of Carrie Wilkerson
Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas
It feels pretty amazing to not have to answer to a demanding boss, doesn’t it?

You wake up, driven by purpose and a deep-seated knowing that you’re doing something bigger than just a paycheck or a convenient lifestyle choice?

Although you’re well beyond the cynicism of corporate (thankfully), running your own ship brings a set of new challenges.

I can talk about this, because I’ve been there...

You love what you do, but then, there’s all the other business stuff that weighs you down. You’re not just a business owner… but also, a coach, a marketer, accountant, business development manager, editor, speaker, writer and barista. #SoManyHats

Over-extended is an understatement…

May I ask…

+ Are you worried about too much business growth?

+ Is a  ‘scarcity’ mindset making you say 'yes' to everything?

+ Always wondering how to increase revenue, without making life harder? (or drama-filled!)

+ Nervous about payroll-heavy staff and too many obligations?

+ Wondering if you're neglecting your kids or friends?

+ Are you looking for more income, less work hours and better planning over all?

Yes? Okay, you’ve got to watch this short video.

 == Only 2 Spots Left  ==
Let me tell you, in my 21 years of being my own boss and creating my own full-time income (working both 'solo' and with a team),  growth doesn’t always happen how you expect it to.

I want you to join me for my ONE DAY Mastermind 2020....

You'll leave with:
* A year's worth of content mapped out (for social, blog, videos, emails)
* A promotional calendar so that you'll know what you're selling & when (and how)
* An accountability plan so you do what you say when you say you'll do it!
* Your one core killer funnel and overall offer architecture!
* A profit audit on where you're leaking money, where we can add flow and more!

You can finally create a business that serves your priorities, instead of trying to fit what’s important, into the cracks…

You didn’t start your business just to have another ‘job’, did you?

Every year you say it will be different... let's make that your REALITY this year!

Mastermind 2020
January 10, 2020  at my home in Arlington, Texas
Let me be clear who the "Mastermind 2020" 
Day is for…
It’s not for everyone.
This is not for ‘almost’ businesses or ‘I have an idea’ folks. This is not for network marketing or party plan folks.

This power-packed day is for women service providers, coaches, solopreneurs, consultants, thought-leaders and even brick and mortar business owners.

This is for serious female entrepreneurs, only.
Okay, still with me?


So, given there are only a handful of spots for amazing female entrepreneurs, I only want you to apply if you really want to up-level your business, increase margin, have more time off and decrease your stress, all while boosting your profit and strengthening that bottom line.

This is for you if you want to take 2020 by force and REALLY shape your business into the lifestyle-based dream that you know it can (and should) be!

I know it’s you, because you’re still reading... the woman who will take action and make the most of the day we have together.

This retreat is live and won’t be recorded. It’s a one-time event that won’t happen again. (This will be my last at-home small group as I begin to focus more on the big events for Inner Circle Members)

Picture yourself, this time next year (actually even in just a few short months, action-taker!) turning over more revenue, without spreading yourself too thin… or taking on extra responsibility that keeps you up at night.

The necessary systems, automation & processes in place to help you grow.
Referring to your promo or content calendar with a deep exhale...knowing when and where the cash flow is coming from (because we planned it out!)

No more suffering in silence, sweeping that feeling of burnout under the rug, because “I work for myself, I’m one of the lucky ones.” 

Ladies, you’re going to see, you can have it all. 

I’m not just talking about an improved business. I mean a better life. And, isn’t this what we’re really trying to do? It’s definitely the reason I started my business after I became a mom. I wanted to earn WHILE I parented my newly adopted sibling duo. I wanted to be ultra-present and still pay the bills. At that point... I didn't even have a big mission much less a million dollar idea! Goodness knows, the internet was still very difficult to navigate and working at home was a new idea to so many!

But I've cracked the code and so have hundreds of my clients...women just like you!

And now, I’m inviting you into my home, the heart of my brand & life, to make this your reality, this year.

Here’s just a fraction of what 
you can expect during our time together...

Thursday night: 
Fly (or drive) in - make sure to get some good rest for our full day Friday!!
The retreat officially kicks off at 9.00 am. We’ll buckle down and transform your business and bandwidth to grow without burning you out. A morning break, lunch & afternoon break with beverages will be provided so we can spend as much time as possible on the tasks at hand, but keep you well-fed, energy high and a little Southern-spoiled. 

There will be a dietary form sent after you enroll for any allergies and special requirements. 
Friday night
We will wrap about 5pm or so.  You can arrange your flights for Friday after 7pm at DFW or 7:15pm at DAL airports. (Better yet - quietly stay an extra day to implement before you head back to reality!)

After you register, a list of suggested hotels will be sent to you. You can also get creative and snag an AirBnB or stay with a friend if you know someone in the area!

As I said, this intimate one-day event is created specifically for service providers, coaches, solopreneurs, and thought-leaders who want to create a bigger impact, increase revenue, and actually enjoy life as a business owner…

Stop the Grind. Halt the Hustle.  Let's create some margin and a 2020 PLAN for extreme focus, profit and lifestyle.

The way you imagined, when you started.

It's my last intimate event... the last time we'll meet in my home... I'd love for you to join us.
Exactly what you’ll learn at this exclusive retreat 
I’m going to teach you a lot.
You know that's true.

But, you won’t leave with a brain fog from information-overload… as this retreat is equally as interactive and implementation-focused.

You’ll walk away on  having taken action… a lot of it!

You don’t need to worry about bringing a thing – not even notepaper. We’ll provide all the materials for the day. Your gorgeous retreat notebook and materials will be waiting for you at your seat!

Here’s just a slice of what you’ll learn (and put into motion) before you leave:
  • Why your busy-ness isn't resulting in more profitable business - and how to STOP that asap!How to get your brain onto a promotional calendar and content plan that will be your boss! :) #saidwithLove
  •  A method for deciding what is NOW and what is NEXT and what pays YOU the best per hour. (this one tweak can solve so many things)
  • My formula for maximizing your strengths, energies, brain power and doesn't demand you be 'on' 24/7 --- this will change your relationships & life and keep you and your family from hating your business.
  • Turning your desperation for cash, time, balance (or all of the above) into a strong desire to take action. 
  • Money Management - how to be a CEO, not a C-Uh Oh! with your finances, taxes, expenses and more. (plus my favorite trackers/resources & tools)
  • Technology & Automation - what you need, what you don't. What is working, what won't. How to walk away from your business for hours (even days -- gasp) without it falling apart or coming to a screeching halt.
  • Your best 'cash buckets' and how to fill those up to buy you time, margin and financial breathing room.
Sound good?

You’ll join amazing female entrepreneurs.

Just like Sara Dean, from the Shameless Mom Academy
“Carrie has coached me through some of my biggest business transitions ever (selling a business and building a new one).
Her wisdom, expertise and experience has played an invaluable role in my ability to face my fears and move forward into bigger and better things in each of my businesses.

I have sold a company and started a new one. I have built 3 streams of income around the new business, with Carrie's support and guidance. She has pushed me to re-evaluate how I charge my clients (which has bumped my average client transaction from $300 to $3000.)

I left the retreat feeling so excited, inspired and unstoppable in my business. My experience has been transformative in so many ways.”

This event has limited space & this pricing expires FAST.
There are 2 slots left...
and we just made PayPal Credit available so you could pay it out!
There won’t be one like this again, with the amazing ladies you’ll meet. It’s live and you won’t be able to access any recordings. We will gather around the farm table (my dad built) in my Texas home, where I entertain family and friends... and you will have an insider-view to my every day life and how I make it work. 

It’s VIP for a reason. There are only 2 spots still available. You will not be lost in a crowd. After all, we're meeting at my home - not a hotel conference room or fancy meeting space.

This is an opportunity to secure your place. With my full email list and social media reach, I suspect this event will sell out fast!  (Especially at this one-time pricing!)

Particularly, with the demand for offline, human-to-human experiences… this is the ideal, inclusive setting for making big changes in your business, in a short time.

Online learning is amazing. Virtual coaching is productive. But there is nothing that substitutes for the accelerated pace of in person, accountability-focused, small group DOING.
Bonus Goodies!
Oh, and before I forget… we’ll be working together, before the event.  

You’ll get:
  • One-On-One Strategy Zoom, with me: Pre-retreat, you’ll have the chance to go through your goals, cover the 'State of your Union' of your business so I'll be up to speed with you, and launch an initial action plan. You’ll make headway, before we even meet in person.
  • Three "Workhorse" Video Scripts: Yes! I've hired my guy to come shoot 3 videos with each participant. These will be those 'evergreen' videos working behind the scenes helping you inform clients what is next, telling prospects how to work with you and more! I shot mine over a year ago and they are playing every single day for new and current audience members! I will send ideas and scripts in advance so you will be prepared!
  • 4-Week Access to my Inner Circle: We call it 'The Executive Inner Circle', and it’s a face-to-face, accountability and peer interaction group that meets daily in the Facebook group and bi-weekly on Zoom. You’ll find valuable training (and friends) in The Inner Circle.
You’ll also have access to ALL of VIP resource guides & checklists to help you grow & scale with clarity and confidence: 
  • ​My Little Black Book of screened services and outsourcers that I trust
  •  2 Automation Funnels: 1 for lead generation and 1 for qualifying prospects and/or generating appointments 
  •  Automated Email Templates (copy/paste/tweak) 
  •   Pricing Strategies to finally get away from hourly tracking/billing and time for dollars #gamechanger
  •   Onboarding Nurture & Sequence Template/Checklist 
  •  Social Media Task Tracker & Content Production Generator 
  •  The Cash Bucket method for quickly generating profit centers in your business 
  •  and MUCH more...these will be given to you on a Google Drive
The investment.
Here’s the thing.  
I know what it’s like to feel like to be just keeping your head above water. You start the day with the best of intentions. But, you’re always losing the race against time.

You need help, but hiring comes with responsibilities. Plus... you tried that already and either it didn't work out, you didn't get the results you wanted, or the management took up more time than just doing things yourself! (Go ahead and nod your head, we both know!)

I’m here to tell you, you can turn things around… financially, energetically, and client-wise. You just require the offer architecture, a core funnel and to plug those profit (and time) leaks!

So, this is a chance to be honest with yourself. Can you continue operating like you are now… and grow? Can you exponentially increase your income, going like you are now? Plus maintain or nurture your relationships, your health and your fitness?

If your answer is no, your business needs this. You need this.

I’m going to show you the exact systems I use to create, grow and maintain my successful service, coaching, sales, speaking and information marketing businesses.  (Yes, I've had ALL of those  - so I know this works in each model!)

Now, I don’t want to sugarcoat it and say it’s affordable for everyone.

It isn’t.

But, if you’re still with me, chances are you know this event is what you really need. It’s an investment, well under the typical $5,000 - $10,000 price point many retreats are selling for these days.
  • ​Would it be worth it? Absolutely!
  •  Would it make that amount of difference in your business? Undoubtedly! 
  •  Would I still sell out? Assuredly!
BUT - I'm keeping this in your reach and even giving you a payment plan via PayPal Credit. 

I want to work with you, the action-taker, the woman who has read my book or watched my videos or seen me speak and has seen that I mean what I say and am who I am.

So for this event... plus the pre-work, follow up and all the bonuses...your investment is just:
One Time investment of

    Land one, high-ticket client or create a higher, lifetime value… doing better, more focused work… and the investment pays for itself. Eliminate the bloat in staffing or expenses, create a great recurring profit center, discover a bigger/easier cash bucket... and this expense will be handled with a finger snap.
    My biggest guarantee, to you.
    •  If for whatever reason you don’t feel like you have cracked the code while you are here...
    •  If you don't feel that the strategies or systems or even the collaborative network you build while you are here aren't worth your investment...
    I’ll refund you your entire tuition PLUS gift you with an extra $500 travel credit as long as you let me know in person before lunch. Deal?

    All I ask is that you have completed the pre-event prep that we send to you before attending. And that you be present, engaged and open from the word 'go!'

    Sound fair?

    This way you have zero to lose and only a better business, relationships and lifestyle to gain.

    I hope you won’t need it… but there it is, just in case you don’t feel like taking action will revolutionize your business. That puts ALL the risk on ME, not you!

    This is a truly limited offer.
    If you’re serious about joining me, secure your spot today. Make a decision to make a change. You are a decisive business owner. I believe you know in your gut if you want to work together on this or not. But I only have so much space and I really want to be able to give each individual the amazing attention she needs! 

    I would hate to see you miss out and email me for a spot after they're gone... or ask about 'the next one' or wonder 'when I will be closer to you.' --- This event is the only one guaranteed on the books this year. And yes, boundaries and calendaring is something we will discuss and arm YOU with tools for when you're here!

    This is my official way of letting you know the countdown is on. Check out what another one of the past attendees, Erica from Soto Consulting, had to say.

    I look forward to seeing you at my home in January...but if you decide NOT to... what is the cost of not taking action?  What is the cost of the hustle & grind with no change in sight? How much is your health worth? Your burn-out and business crash? (Yes, we've seen this happen) How quickly will you blink and the kids will be past this season and stage and you burned the midnight oil through all of it? Yikes!

    Really think about it... 1 day to invest for a radical shift - a pivot in how you think and work.  I'd love to see that lightbulb come on for you!  Freedom comes in so many packages... let's create yours!
    One Time investment of

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